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We provide affordable and accurate mental health care in the comfort of your own home through telepsychiatry. With our help, you will begin to take control of your life.
Specialising in ADHD treatment for both children and adults.
Adult and Child ADHD Treatment with Telepsychiatry - from the comfort of your home
We have made it easy and affordable for you to help your children and teens get the treatment they need to focus and concentrate - - Contact us now to get started.
Explore the prospect of Freedom when you start your first Appointment.
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Become stronger as you work with your Therapist
Our continued treatment will grant you better intimacy and communication with your partner and loved ones.
We feel communication is so important we offer on-demand texts with our clients for their urgent needs.
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It may feel like a long road ahead, but you WILL NOT be alone.
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Why Choose Us?  We offer stigma-free mental health care as we listen and work with our patients. Our patients are our partners.

  • Direct access to provider 24/7 by text means immediate response
  • No more answering services to reach your provider
  • Prescriptions sent to your preferred pharmacy within minutes

You deserve personalized, informed, and innovative care


Familiarize yourself with our Services! 

How it works

Road to Recovery  

It may feel like a long walk to recovery but you will not be alone as we walk with you.

Book your appointment

Book your appointment through OnPatient and start a patient portal

Fill in insurance information

Make payment and upload insurance info; Cigna, United Healthcare, or direct payment

Complete mental health questionnaire

Online questionnaire to get your history and prepare to see you

Book with PW Psych

And we’ll get your history and help you book with us

Get proper diagnosis and prescription

Get a proper diagnosis and prescription promptly. If needed, psychotherapy is available

Continue treatment

Get stigma-free, quality mental health care started at your first online visit

Contact us to get healed and live the life you want