Services Provided

Service Provided

– Psychiatric Evaluation
ADHD Diagnosis Evaluation
ADHD Treatment and Care
Anxiety and Depression Diagnosis and Care
– Medication Management
– Psychotherapy using the CBT approach
– Stimulant treatment
(available after an ADHD screening and childhood history is obtained).
– Various mental health treatments, holistic and wellness care and more

Patient Education

Mental illness and mood disorders are caused by a variety of factors both in the United States and around the world. 

The sad truth is that there are many stigmas attached to mental illness, and because of this, many individuals fear seeking treatment. 

However, if mental health illness goes unaddressed, the outcome can be detrimental to the individual and possibly those around them. Family, relationships, and even jobs can be destroyed if one does not seek treatment. The best way to tackle these stigmas is to have the proper help that comes from understanding and having reliable providers. 

With our help, you can be in control of your life again.

If you experience lack of focus, inability to sit still, lack of concentration, brain fog, you may suffer from ADHD.

If you experience mood changes, lack of sleep, insomnia specifically, anger, irritabilities, sad mood, excessive worry, or psychosis.




Conditions Treated


Alcohol Use

Anger Management


Bipolar Disorder and Mania

Borderline Personality

Child or Adolescent

Chronic Relapse

Coping Skills


Eating Disorders

Medication Management

Obsessive-Compulsive (OCD)

Psych Eval

Postpartum depression


Suicidal Ideation

Schizophrenia spectrum disorders

Schizoaffective disorders

Postpartum Trauma and PTSD

Traumatic Brain Injury

Mood Disorders

Personality Disorders